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LGP Marking Machine
Release people:CKLASER time:2016-10-26 18:10:14

Product introduction

     The performance of LGP marking machine made by us is stable,maintenance free, suit for high volume,various materials,high speed,high precision and continuous production of industrial processing site, It is widely used in LCD backlight, ultra-thin advertising light box , medical use of X-ray viewer, flat plate type of lighting equipment,etc.


Product Parameters


Product Features

1、The advantages of LGP is Ultra-thin, extreme bright, light guiding evenly, energy conservation, environmentally friendly, durable,no dark space,no yellowed, easy to install and maintain and so on.

2、It can efficiently convert point source and line source to surface source .This product is the latest achievement which integrate advanced technology of optics and materials science together,raw materials fully adopted acrylic materials.

3、It can use thin material for saving cost;

4、High luminous efficiency;

5、Light uniformity, the layout of dot line is reasonably generated by professional optical software Light -Tools(thin in edge,dense in center).It makes the brightness uniformity to maximize, basically uniformity can reach more than 90%;

6、Durable, no easy yellowed, long life,normally can be used more than 8 years in room.

7、It is not affected by water and moisture, but printing plate will be dark as long as touching of water .

8、Simple technique, high flexibility, the size of the plate can be changed according to customer's requirements.The sample can be finished in short time with low cost, which changed the disadvantages of traditional screen printing,molding which with a complicated technique but poor durability,etc.

9、Laser marking is on a low requirement to the smoothness of plate,it is no matter if the error of the surface of plate is no more than 5mm , this isn’t acceptable for printing.


Technology Parameters





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