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CK-X2 High-speed Flying Marking Machine
Release people:CKLASER time:2016-10-26 17:10:51

Product introduction

      CK-X2 high-speed flying marking machine is a full-automatic laser marking machine specially designed for high-speed pipelining. It can be used for online flying marking in all production lines to meet the requirements for production in the era of industrial automation.


Product Parameters


Product Features

1、Super-long flight, supporting high-speed flight of 79 English words(letters), the maximum speed as high as 80M/min.

2、Supporting multiple text formats, as well as high-speed flight of single-line fonts, dot-matrix fonts and double-line fonts. Fonts are self-devisable.

3、Split design is adopted for the complete machine, and the master part size: 175mm*900mm*210mm (length*width*height).

4、Easy connection: the reserved interface can be connected directly to the flying line.

5、The professional flying system is easy to operate with a popular and easy-to-understand concise interface.

6、Offline flight, flight control by touch screen, and available USB data communication.

7、High-precision digital scanning head, high speed, specially designed for industrial production, able to meet multi-shift needs; the built-in self-diagnosis function can minimize maintenance time.

8、Imported optics, high precision, more fine spot size, more uniform optical quality,it can engrave figure, bar code, serial number, random number, graph, brand name, photos etc on workpieces.







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