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CK-LEG3D Laser Marking Mechine
Release people:CKLASER time:2016-10-26 17:10:08

Product introduction

      Due to its revolutionary design, CK-LEG3D30W can be used for marking in the X, Y and Z axis, and on the products in any shape or size incomparably precisely. CK-LEG nonmetal miniwatt series marking machines are controlled by computer, and a 10.64um laser beam acts on working surface according to the pre-selected trajectory through beam expansion, focusing, and galvanometer deflection control, to gasify the working surface to achieve a marking effect. The nonmetal laser marking machines produced by our company have a good beam mode, stable performance, and maintenance-free performance, applicable to high-speed, high-precision batch and multi-variety continuous processing.


Product Parameters


Product Features

1、Domestic first tri-axis control system for precise tri-axis marking, which overturns the traditional 2D marking mode, and realizes a 3D marking mode on curved surfaces, such as oblique surface, step, circular column, circular cone and spherical surface.(slope, step,cylinder, cone, ball, and any curved surface)

2、Unique self-induced focusing system, for automatically identifying workpiece surface, and fast focusing to improve processing efficiency.

3、Mold process is adopted for the device shell, making it more solid and leak-proof.

4、Unique optical shutter closing technology, meeting the European and American safety standard.

5、Imported laser source, High-stability  The use of advanced galvanometer scanning technology ensures the high speed, high precision and long service life of the equipment, laying a solid foundation to meet the requirements of continuous and efficient production.

6、Imported scan head, High-speed   It is specially designed for industrial production environment, adapting to the working need of multi-shifts. With the built-in self-diagnosis function, it can maximally reduce the maintenance time.

7、Imported optical devices, High-precision   with finer spot size and more uniform optical quality, it can engrave figures, bar codes,serial numbers,random numbers,graphics,trademarks,photographs and so on.


Technology Parameters




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