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CK-LEG Small-power Laser Marking Machine
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Product introduction

      CK-LEG30 non-metallic laser marker is controlled by computer, which applies 10.64um laser beam to act on the surface as the predetermined trajectory through beam expansion, focusing and finally controlling the deflection of galvanometer to gasify the surface and achieve engraving effects.

      Our CK-LEG30 non-metallic laser marker is characterized by good beam pattern, stable- performance system and maintenance-free. It is appropriate to be used in industrial processing sites with high-volume, variety, high-speed and high-precision continuous production.


Product Parameters


Product Features

1、Imported laser

High-stability. Adopting advanced galvanometer scanning technology to ensures the high speed, high precision and long service life of the equipment, laying a solid foundation to meet the requirements of continuous and efficient production.

2、Imported scan head

High-speed. It is specially designed for industrial production environment, adapting to the working need of multi-shifts. With the built-in self-diagnosis function, it can maximally reduce the maintenance time.

3、Imported optical devices

High-precision. With finer spot size and more uniform optical quality, it can engrave figures, bar codes,serial numbers,random numbers,graphics,trademarks,photographs and so on.


Technology Parameters











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