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CK-FB3D Laser Marking Mechine
Release people:CKLASER time:2017-11-20 16:11:26

Product introduction

     CK-FB 3D serial fiber laser marking machine adopt imported core components, with high-speed, high precision 3D galvo, and with our 3D specified software and control system, it can engrave on any curved workpieces in a fine process, there is no off-focus problem. It can also adjust focus length any time for deep engraving, which makes process efficiency and marking quality much better than traditional 2D fiber laser marking machine. we make real 3D marking function come true, leading a new era of laser processing.


Product Parameters


Product Features

1、Subvert traditional 2D marking mode. It can engrave many different 3D shapes, for example:slope,cylinder,cone,ball,and so on.

2、Amazing huge central angle marking .The max central angle can be reach 117 degree on cylinder.

3、Perfectly present target graphics on work pieces,avoid deforming such as elongation, slope.

4、The border won’t be “ignored”. Everywhere is marked uniformly

5、Details show ingenuity, no matter observing from any angles, it is exquisite,perfect.

6、Simple and easy is better!The software fully developed by ourselves, it is easy to learn and use. What you see is what you get.


Technology Parameters




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