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CK-LEG High-power Laser Marking Machine
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Product introduction

      CO2 High-power Laser Marking Machine is applied to laser engraving and cutting of various non-metallic materials,such as leather, cloth, paper, PVC, rubber, glass, wood, ceramics, plastic and so on. It is widely used in shoes, clothing, packaging, toys,food, beverage, medicine, daily-use cosmetics and other industries.


Product Parameters


Product Features

1、Three-axial dynamic systems bring bigger working range and smaller diameter of spot size.

2、Guarantee of long-term and stable running.

3.、Faster processing speed and more smooth and sharp cutting edges.

4、Uniform processing quality without phenomenon of too high / low local energy injection.

5、With smaller focused spot and higher energy density, applicable to a more precise cutting,drilling and engraving process.

6、Apply the advanced diffusively cooled slab technology and original water-cooled DC power supply.

7、Pulse rising edge / falling edge <45 microseconds.

8、With the Surepulse function of its own,which can make the peak power increased by 6 times to ensure energy of every pulse output are keeps constant.

9、With the optical adjusted system of its own, it has excellent beam quality with K> 0.8 (M2 <1.2), divergence angle of beam <2.5 mrad (within 1 ~ 1 M transmission distance) and ellipticity of beam <1.1:1.


Technology Parameters



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