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CK-3DUV Laser Marking Machine
Release people:CKLASER time:2016-10-26 17:10:17

Product introduction

        CK-3D UV serials of machine adopts imported core components, equips with high speed, high precision 3D galvanometer and combines with our company researched 3D special software and control system, it can realize fine processing in any curved surface. No off-focusing phenomenon and the deep marking focusing can be traced in time, the processing efficiency and quality is better than traditional 2D marker, significantly realized complete 3D marking function and lead laser processing into a new era.

        CK-3D UV serials of laser marking machine adopts imported high-quality ultraviolet laser source, since the ultra small focusing spot of 355nm ultraviolet light and Processing heat affected zone is negligible,it is suitable for processing those materials that have big reaction to thermal radiation, . UV machine is mainly used to mark, engrave and cut for special materials and meet the requirement of marking ultra-fine. It is widely applied in ultra-fine laser process of high-end market.


Product Parameters


Product Features

1、Subvert traditional 2D marking mode. It can engrave many different 3Dshapes, for example:slope,cylinder,cone,ball,and so on.

2、Amazing huge central angle marking .The max central angle can be reach 117 degree on cylinder.

3、Perfectly present target graphics on work pieces,avoid deforming such as elongation, slope.Get marking pattern more close to the original shape.

4、The border won’t be “ignored”, Everywhere is marked uniformly.

5、High laser beam quality, tiny light spot, hyperfine marking, and minimum character can up to 0.2mm.

6、355nm outgoing wavelength reduces the thermal effect on workpiece, the heat affected zone will not bring about heat effect, not to mention material deformation or charring.

7、The world’s top American-made optical wave laser, for performance guarantee.

8、In terms of appearance, CKLaser adopts closed processing for vertical sliding door design, and adopts high-quality organic glass that is specially used for filtering protection as a dedicated observation window for excellent overall protection performance.

9、Optional automatic lifting, focusing and rotating.


Technology Parameters




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