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Ultraviolet light focused light spot, and processing and heat affected zone small, and is mainly used for super fine marking, special material marking and engraving. Applicable to the silicon wafer, chip ceramic, all kinds of glass, LCD screen, the button is fine, silicon wafer marking, PCB processing, such as polymer film material marking and surface treatment.

Carbon dioxide high-power series marking machine controlled by computer, using 10.64 um beam by beam expander, focused, finally by controlling the galvanometer deflection, a predetermined path on the surface, make the surface gasification engraving effect. The whole machine adopts the international leading type folding design, integrated design of power supply, control make the machine more compact size, shape from Europe's top designers.

Carbon dioxide small power imported metal, sealing type water-cooling CO2 laser, the laser performance is good, with unique optical mode, analogy similar products target range larger, more fine spot

3D three-dimensional laser machine series adopts imported core device, configuration, high-speed, high precision 3 d combined with my company independent development of 3 d special software and control system, perfect implementation of fine machining of arbitrary surface of workpiece, no focus away from the phenomenon; Also can real-time tracking of carving depth focus, make the machining efficiency and quality than traditional 2 d marking machine better. Truly comprehensive function of 3 d marking laser processing to usher in new era.

Optical fiber laser marking machine adopt domestic top fiber laser, the high quality galvanometer scanning system, stable output power, optical mode is good, good beam quality, marking speed, good effect, high efficiency, can fully meet the demand of customer mass production. The machine appearance beautiful, simple operation, no supplies, depreciation costs low long-term trouble-free operation, free maintenance, can fully meet the demand of continuous work of industrialization.

Professional industry marking machine series mainly include laser dot of light guide plate machine, intelligent cowboy spraying marking machine, automatic feeding marking machine TPU, and laser marking equipment for special industry.

Through train: UV Laser Marker CO2 High-power Laser Marker CO2 Small-power Laser Marker 3DFB Laser Marker 2DFB Laser Marker Professional Laser Marker