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The Successful End of the 16th China (Dongguan) Int’l Textile & Clothing Industry Fair
Release people:CKLASER time:2015-03-31 11:03:42

     The 16th China (Dongguan) Int’l Textile & Clothing Industry Fair (DTC2015) and the 10th South China Int’l Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show (SCISMA2015) that was held on April 26-29, 2015 came to a successful end.


     As an important and high-profile professional exhibition on textile, clothing, bag, embroidery and apparel accessory in South China, Dongguan Int’l Textile & Clothing Industry Fair has been in good odor with the insiders since it was first held in 2000. It was the second time our company attended this fair, and with the support of the last year’s experience, this time our company exhibited 3 advantageous products: CK-AF-1600-275 special laser spraying & cutting machine for large-format jean cloth, CK-LEG250 non-metal laser marking machine and CK-FB3D 3D fiber laser marking machine CK-FB3D.


     CK-LEG250 non-metal laser marking machine is a high-performance, technically-sophisticated high-efficiency and high-quality top processing device used for textile clothing, shoe material and garment accessory processing. It caught the eye of a great many dealers and insiders who then consulted about it. At the fair, our company concluded a transaction with a shoe-making enterprise from Dongguan.


     Apart from nonmetallic laser marking machine CK-LEG250, our special laser spraying & cutting machine for large-format jean cloth CK-AF-1600-275 also made a stir. Due to its high integration, this device can significantly speed up clothing making and improve the overall quality. Not only so, but it is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, so it drew attention from a number of large-scale textile enterprises, posing a challenge to the traditional washing industry.


     Among the machines displayed, CK-FB3D fiber laser marking machine won high praise from the domestic and foreign visitors since its auto zoom function overturns the traditional 2D marking mode and realizes 3D marking mode. As a high-tech product of our company, it led to a technological revolution. This product is equipped with our self-developed software and control system composed of control cards; both its appearance and internal mechanical layout is a patent of our company, and the overall components are made of the professional fittings purchased from the foreign top photoelectric enterprises. It represents that our R&D ability is at the domestic advanced level, and our company is getting internationally compatible.


     At this fair, our company achieved a satisfactory propaganda effect by displaying every detail of our latest products, and collected lots of valuable customer information. Meanwhile, we gained some successful experience on corporate development and brand creation. Through this exchange platform, CKLaser showed the world its comprehensive strength, enhancing its influence in the international laser industry, and paved the way for the national laser industry to go global.




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