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CKLaser Staff’s Tour to Xunliao Bay and a Press Conference of Laser Marking Machine Release
Release people:CKLASER time:2015-06-04 10:06:58


      Xunliao Bay is one of the cleanest bays on the coast of the Eastern Guangdong that stretches for hundreds of kilometers. Apart from the first-class seawater and beach sand, the beach contains fine and soft sea sand, whose content is as high as 99%, so the beach is honored as “God-given White Sand Dyke”.


      With your bare feet on the beach, you can play for fun as much as you like to feel the friction between the sole of your feet and the fine sand. It is really a comfortable, relaxing beach resort. With your bare feet on the beach, you can enjoy the first-class sunlight and air, appreciate the idyllic flavor of the blue sky, white clouds, beach and sea waves, intoxicate yourself in the colorful submarine world, and spend a memorable blue travel life. At the bay there are national sea turtle reserve Sea Turtle Bay, Xunliao Bay Tourist Spot near the sea, Nanmen Bay and Monkey Bay on its right side, Pinghai Ancient Town honored as “historic town in Guangdong Province”, ancient villages with characteristics built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Niulong Peak known far and wide, provincial Gutian Natural Reserve, “Dongjiang Old Revolutionary Base” Gaotan Town, and many other scenic spots.


      On May 28, a day in early summer, the company staff came to this poetic and romantic beach to enjoy the rare holiday time. During the trip, we caught fish in a yacht, played in the waves, cooked a barbecue beside the sea, and watched tide rising and falling.

Sailing on the Waves


Barbecue Cooking on the Beach


Romantic Campfire Dance


We are Together


      We came from far and near and got together, jointly creating brilliance with CKLaser. Just because we are together, we share joys and tears with each other.


      We made this tour in order to celebrate the birth of a new-type 3D marking machine. For that reason, the company held a special internal press conference. At the conference, the R&D engineers explained to the staff the design idea, operating principle, manufacturing process and prospect of this new 3D laser marking machine. The press conference tugged at each staff’s heartstrings, and everybody expected that the new product could create new values and open up a new era for the company.


The senior engineer is explaining the superiority of the new 3D marking machine


The mechanical engineer is explaining the design idea of the new 3D marking machine


Everybody is engrossed in the conference


The conference tugs at everybody’s heartstrings


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