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CK-FB3D from Planar Space to Three-dimensional Space

DATE:2015-04-17 18:04:24

CK-FB3D laser marking machine is a new device developed based on CK-FB laser marking machine in order to meet the requirements for high-precision metal black marking, deep marking and cutting on irreg

How Strong is the Radiation of a Laser Marking Machine?

DATE:2016-03-14 17:03:38

Classification Introduction:Class I: low-output laser (power<0.4mW), which may cause a light damage less than the MPE value to eyes and skin in all conditions. The damage will not exceed the MPE value

Laser Direct structuring—LDS Antenna in the Smartphone Era

DATE:2015-04-24 17:04:29

The mobile communication technology has achieved rapid development in the past over ten years. In particular, the volume and weight of mobile terminals have decreased a lot, promoting the fast develop

The Application of UV Laser to Electronic Product Individuation and in the Packaging Industry

DATE:2015-07-01 16:07:00

With the continuous development of laser industry, the application of laser marking has got increasingly closer to life. Especially, UV marking has achieved considerable development in recent years. T

7 Precautions for the Use of CO2 Laser Marking Machine

DATE:2015-07-25 15:07:16

Laser marking machine has been favored since its birth. Nowadays, more and more varieties of laser marking machines have been launched on the market, and meanwhile more and more users have turned to l

CKLaser Operative Technology︱Laser Application in Mobile Phone Manufacture

DATE:2016-06-15 18:06:40

According to the worldwide smartphone report issued by TrendForce, 304 million smartphones were sold in the second quarter of 2015, 1.9% higher than the last quarter. The top five smartphone manufactu

Supervising Food Safety and making Laser Fruit Labels

DATE:2015-07-09 16:07:24

Food safety problem is a prominent issue in China. Except for management fault, the untraceable food origin is a big problem. Taking fruit for example, on some imported fruits and high-priced native f
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