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About CK

Company Philosophy

Business philosophy: focus on providing customers with superior products and industry solutions.

Management philosophy: people-oriented, to encourage innovation, forging the elite.

Product philosophy: innovation, rigorous, practical.

Service philosophy: caring service, considerate service.



Company Prospect

Prospect: Becoming a world-class laser company.

Target: Struggling for China Smart Manufacturing to make a influence on world.

Core: Customers-oriented, respecting peer, loving employees.

Significance: Customer-oriented development, learning from international and domestic high-level peers, in line with the development of people-oriented.



Company Introduction

    CKLASER has become one of the leading brands of laser marking machine since 2006, with steady growth. Our major products include 3D laser marking machine, large format laser marking machine, light guide plate laser marking machine, fast-speed denim laser engraving and cutting machine, etc.



   Customer needs is ou priority. We provide cutomers with adequate industry knowledge, and more professional technical solution.Our commitment to support our customers, and introduction of latest sophisticated producations that meet their production experiences has resulted in an increase in our market share.


   With repaid development of laser marking technology, we are pioneer to lead in the integration of three-axis dynamic technology, to achieve unmatched marking quality on fiber, CO2, UV laser marking system.


     CKLASER Marking System absorbed industry experience and industry application knowledge, under the "smart manufacturing" development environment. The industry heritage is becoming the key to business survival. CKLASER enjoys large market share of leather, cardboard, textiles, mobile phones, smart home, LED lighting and other industries.


    Our innovative products not only meet the needs of many manufacturing and research industry customers, but also meet their future needs. Sales volume of new products is increasing steadily, accounting for 30% of CKLaser's total sales, demonstrating our ability to develop new products and respond to customer needs quickly.



Sales Team

    The head office of CKLASER is located in the Huadu District, Guangzhou-China. We have domestic branch offices in Suzhou, Wenzhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan ,etc.Besides,we have foreign agents in Japan, Germany, South Korea, the United States , Taiwan, Italy, Singapore, Iran and others, enjoying great brand acceptability from the world.



R&D Team

    Our excellent products is as a result of a tireless, diligent and rigorous R & D team. At present, we focus on three main aspects: software design, mechanical design, optical design.



Company Honor

CKLASER became the first member of Association of laser units in Guangdong Province in 2011.

CKLASER was awarded the tenth anniversary of Roffen "the best partner." in 2015.



Brand Implication

    Black block design means confident and rigorous, blue block design means technology and imagination

    Every CKLASER colleague deals with things rigorously and confidently, to become a acquaintance of technology and creative future.